The Entrepreneur Zone | Dr. Kalyana Chakravarthi
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Dr. Kalyana Chakravarthi
Mentor, India & the Middle East- Entrepreneurship, Business Communication & Life Skills

Dr. Kalyana Chakravarthi is the Founder & Coach – Knowledge, Attitude and Skills Services (KASS) and Empowering Youth through Employability Skills (EYES) in India. Author of ‘Soft Skills for Managers”. Presenter of interactive Live Talks on TV and YouTube on ‘Employability Skills for Success’.


PhD, MA, BEd, MBA & (MS Public Relations) with 2 decades of professional expertise (10 yrs in training/ teaching and 10 yrs in research & publications) in India, Oman,Turkey and Maldives in ELT, Business Communication and Life Skills for the academia, corporate and media, to transform individuals into skilled and finished professionals for organisational excellence.