The Entrepreneur Zone | Dr. Kinnera Murthy
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Dr. Kinnera Murthy


Dr. Kinnera Murthy currently operates as a part-time Freelance Strategy Consultant. She also provides her time for voluntary and pro bono activities for social, professional and cultural organizations and is a Trustee of Sankalp – A Women’s Support Alliance. Dr Kinnera Murthy has over 3 decades of rich and varied experience in management consulting and training senior level executives. She has been with the premier Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad from 1976, till her superannuation in June 2012. At ASCI, she served in various capacities as Dean of Studies for two terms, Chairperson, Strategic Management and Chairperson, Marketing, for many terms.


Dr. Kinnera Murthy has a Doctorate in Corporate Strategy from University of Poona, MBA from Osmania University and BSc from BITS, Pilani. She was a ‘Queen Elizabeth Visiting Fellow’ at Oxford University and a ‘Distinguished Visiting Fellow’ at Texas A & M University. She was trained in Industrial Management at RVB, the Netherlands and in Strategic Management from APO Japan.


Her major work in ASCI constituted designing and successfully conducting management development programmes for the leading Corporates and Institutions. Apart from her work with the corporate sector, she has also successfully developed social marketing strategies for social change programmes. She is on the Boards of various corporates and academic institutions, is recognized in her chosen areas having conducted research and presented papers in various national and international fora and including organizing international conferences. She is/was a member of the Managing Committee/National Council of several professional associations including ISTD, HMA, NAIP etc.


She provides consultancy and advisory support to leading organisations in India in the areas of Strategic Visioning and Organisation Building, Governance, Mentoring, Restructuring, Corporate Social Responsibility, Marketing Strategy and Capacity Building.